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the shit i knit
so I had to buy a new rice cooker today.

I know lots of people are like....rice cooker? have you not heard of a pot? Why yes I have...but I am too poor of a cook to make rice properly in a pot without standing right flippin over it the entire time. Do I seem like the kind of person that sits in the kitchen dilligently supervising their food? Hell no! I like to walk away and come back 10 minutes too late and find it perfectly cooked....ala rice cooker! Assuming you can do the prep right (which is basically measuring) it's pretty hard to fuck up using a rice cooker. The worst mistake I have ever made is not turning plugging it in and comming back half an hour later to cold water and hard rice. No big deal...just ate a half an hour later (after I plugged in the rice cooker)

coincidently this is why I am currently sans rice cooker. I used to always leave the cord plugged into the outlet and I'd just plug it into the unit when I wanted to use it (there was no on off on the rice was either ON or it was unplugged) When we redid the kitchen though we unplugged it and somehow the plug and the cooker did not end up in the same place. It's been MONTHS now and still the cord has not turned up. Kudos to Nathan who really looked for it but to no avail. After dealing with crappy pot rice I finally caved and bought a new rice cooker.

here in lies the actual "problem" of this entry. My old rice cooker was a zojirushi. My mom found it in the stock room at williams sonoma one year (there stock room was so awful things would just get lost back there!) doing inventory and it was at least 5 yrs old....the current list price was like 10 bucks so with discount it was 6. She called me and asked me if I wanted to use my money to buy it (I really liked rice and was always begging her to make rice) and so I did! (I also have a 14$ delongi toaster oven) It was over 90% off and I can not express how nice this rice cooker is-was. It was 5 yrs old at the time and this is when I was like it is like 20 yrs old....still works fine...or would if I could plug it in. You could also use it to steam veggies...we lost the steamer part a long time ago but you *could* in theory have done it. You could also use it as a crock pot! I mean really 100% awesome machine. And here I was thinking well....that was a long time ago...they're probably not 100$ anymore...PSHAW....There are rice cookers, just regular home rice cookers not those huge industrial ones, that cost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!!! UGH! and here I wanted to spend like 40$. Ugh.

I ended up buying an 80$ Zojirushi that had 40 5star reviews on amazon and only a few four and under. I could've gotten a black n decker or something not made for the asian market for less...but I don't want to spend 40$ on something to have it fall apart after a year of regular use. I trust Zojurushi and it's lil elephant of glee. (fwomp!) I really liked that a couple of people had come back and updated their reviews to talk about how it was doing a year later. It was also 30% off so while it was fucking 80$ I felt like I was getting somewhat of a deal. I was floored though....300$ rice cooker? REALLY? I mean it sounded awesome, and I'm sure people who plop down 300$ for it probably love it (it had GREAT reviews...nothing below a 3) but shit...I don't like rice *that* much.

Still...I paid 10x more for a rice cooker than I did last time...I feel like such an old biddy....'when I was a girl rice cookers cost 6 dollars! red heart went on sale 2 for a dollar regularly!"

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zojirushis are nice i have one too. my mom used to get the $15 rice cooker form macy's but the second one broke we got the better one. and she let me take it when i moved!

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