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wuthering heights
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I know I am in the *minority* here but ever since I first read wuthering heights some 11 odd years ago I've always thought that Heathcliff really WAS an Earnshaw. I think the signs are there, the hints, the clues, et cetera and reading the novel that way *totally* ups the creepy gothic horrorness of it.

So Masterpiece Theatre Classic is showing an adaptation of Wuthering Heights and so far? I really fucking love it with *one* glaring exception. I can get past the historicly inacurate costuming and the fact that they started midway through the Linton-Cathy2 story and then back tracked to the Cathy1-Heathcliff story. I *love* that Cathy1 is NOT a bitch/psycho from hell and I can not say enough good things about Heathcliff. (I've only seen this actor once before in the last star trek movie as jean luc picard's young clone. dude needs to get his teeth done and go be a star because he is fantastic. his voice melts kraft singles)


That is *so* not in the all. In fact it is quite central to the book THAT THEY DIDN'T....

Even if you don't take it as them being blood relations it is STILL totally not in the book. Yes, the sex scene was nice but COME ON......that's such a drastic rewrite. Also...once again....Heathcliff lays down with Cathy1's corpse which *never* happens in the book.....le sigh....

I have such high hopes for these masterpiece theatre things and they always manage to dash them. A for casting. B for overall tone and 'gothic'ness. C for sticking to the book.


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