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affiknitty socks
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Affiknitty Socks

This pair of socks is named after the gal who gave me the yarn I used to make them with. I wanted to do something snazzy to show it off and not just churn out another pair of stockinette socks (not like I do that half the time or anything...who me? nah!) Keep an eye out for the rows of knits which line up on either side of the top panel and in the back of the cuff. If you get to a spot where there’s a purl in that row it’s time to call Kermit over to do some frogging. The pattern is written for a slipstitch short row heel and toe but you could easily substitute another short row technique or a heel cup.

Fleece Artist SeaWool (this yarn is quite a bit heavier than you’re average fingering weight yarn imho....more like a sport weight)
size 2 double pointed needles
notions for finishing
2 stitch markers
your foot’s measurement

16 stitches per 2 inches on size 2 needles. since this pattern uses your foot’s measurement to determine length row gauge is not important.

Stitch Pattern:
row #1: k1, p2, k3, p2, k5, p1, k4
row #2: p2, k5, p2, k3, p1, k1, p1, k3
row #3: k1, [p2, k3]x2, [p1, k1]x2, p1, k2
row #4: k2, p2, k1, p2, k5, p1, k1, p1, k3
row #5: k3, p1, k1, p1, k5, [p1, k1]x2, p1, k2
row #6: k2, p2, k1, p2, k3, [p1, k1]x4
row #7: k1, p2, k3, p2, [k1, p1]x5
row #8: p2, k5, p2, k1, [p1, k1]x4
row #9: k1, p2, k3, p2, k10
row #10; k2, p2, k1, p2, k2, p9
row #11: k3, p1, k1, p1, k12
row #12: k2, p2, k1, p2, k2, p9

-cast on 54 sts on size #2 dpn needles

-join and work in k1, p1 ribbing for 8 rows

- place marker. work the entire stitch pattern #1-12 (one pattern repeat) twice. the stitch pattern (18sts) will occur 3 times per round

-on row #25 you will begin centering the front panel of the top of foot. work the first 9 stitches of row 1. next 27 knit stitches in stockinette stitch and place your second marker, followed by all 18 stitches of row 1.

-continue in this way for rows 2-8. your first stitch marker denotes the beginning of a new pattern row. work the first 9 stitches of each row after this marker followed by 27 stitches in stockinette. at your next marker work all 18 stitches of the pattern row.

- when you reach row #33 (pattern row #9) work only the first 8 stitches after your marker as in row #9. switch to a new needle and work 27 stitches in stockinette stitch and slip one more stitch onto your working needle. these 28 stitches will be your heel. (this pattern is worked with a slip stitch-short row heel)

-decrease one stitch at the beginning of each row,. then work the remaining stitches in stockinette slipping the last stitch. repeat these decreases until you have 10 stitches on your working needle.

-work in stockinette stitch (for this first row it will be a purl row) across all 12 stitches. pick up the last slipped stitch.

-continue in this manner until you have worked back up to 28 stitches. you should be at the second stitch marker. (ie on the opposite side of the heel which you began on.

-work all 18 stitches in row #9 of the chart until you reach the next marker. work first 9 stitches of the next row and continue working with the first 9 stitches of each row after your first marker, followed by 27 stockinette stitches until you reach the next marker, and then all 18 stitches of that pattern row.

-approximately 1.5” from the end of your foot measurement split the stitches and work them just as you worked the heel. it looks best if you begin your toe after working row #12 so you have that nice line of garter stitch.

- slip the last stitch from the back needle (ie opposite end of the needle from the working yarn) onto the front needle. graft the two sets of live stitches together with the kitchener stitch.

weave in ends. TADA!

I’m a lil 50/50 on this yarn. It’s way thicker than ‘fingering’ I think and I don’t know if I’m sold on the seacell glossyness. My main problem however is the colouring throughout the skein is uneven. There’s splotches where it is MUCH lighter. My feeling is this is the seacell and where there is more seacell vs wool in the yarn it is lighter. I’m guessing this is the case because there are also random clumps of seacell fiber here and there that I’m picking out of the yarn as I go and they barely have picked up any die.

all in all they are a pretty pair of socks. this isn’t a yarn I would’ve probably bought on my own but the socks are gorgeous and they fill a colour gap in my sock drawer I didn’t realize I had!

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