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Kitchen Towelies with pattern!
the shit i knit
Kitchen Towelies

This is a super easy hanging dishcloth pattern which uses under a skein of cotton yarn (less than 90 yards) and requires no buttons or other fasteners! All you need to know how to do is knit, purl, decrease, i-cord and pick up stitches.

yarn: sugar'n cream cotton or any like yarn

needles: 10.5 and 9dpns

cast on 32 stitches

rows #1-61 k1, p1 repeating across the row (seed stitch)

row #62 p1, k1 repeating across the row

row #63 k2 together, p2 together repeating across the row (decrease by half)

row #64 purl or knit according to stitch below (ribbing)

row #65 & 67 repeat row #63

row #66 repeat row #64

row #68 switch to size 9 dpns and purl all stitches

row #69-96 with remaining 5 stitches proceed in stockinette icord.

row #97 bind off

pick up stitches 5 from row 68 and continue for another 28 rows in icord for second tie binding off on row 29.

weave in ends.


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