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headbandz....with pattern!
the shit i knit

Originally uploaded by aqueoustransmegan
i have been whipping these fuckers out lately. I don't know exactly how much yarn it takes but I know it is DEFINITELY under 50 yards and that is a VERY generous estimation. like a plum sized ball of yarn will do you fine. The beauty of this pattern is there is NO finishing! no weaving in ends!

worsted weight or sock yarn doubled over
size 8 circs

Cast on 60 sts with long tail cast on. Leave aprox 3 meters of tail. (you'll need this!)
rows 1-3 k1, p1 (seed stitch)
rows 4-8 even knit
rows 5-9 odd purl
rows 10-13 k1, p1 (seed sttich)
row 14 cast not break yarn!

side a
pick up the stitches along the vertical rows (14 sts)
row 1 k1, p1
row 2 k2tog, p2tog
row 3 knit the knits and purl the purls
row 4 k2tog, p2tog
row 5 knit the knits and purl the purls
row 6 k2tog, p20g
row 7 not break yarn!
with the tail and the last loop on the needle chain 74 slipping last stitch through. make a small knot beneath last stitch and cut yarn close to the knot.

side b
repeat side a only use the long tail you had left over to work with.

finished dimensions should be about 15" long (not including tails) and 2" wide.

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Hi Megi - thanks for making this pattern available for free! I know it's been a while since you posted it, but I stumbled on it while browsing ravelry...and I can't seem to figure out the purpose behind the "side a" instructions. Is this a tie we're kintting on either side? I can't quite seem to wrap my mind around it. Thanks!

side A and B are perpendicular to the cast off and cast on edges....does that answer your question? they are the taper triangles that form the sides. I know this is quite old and I don't have good pictures up. Sorry!

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