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knit picks sock blank......good idea......bad results
the shit i knit
after spending an hour winding an incredibly tangled hank of sock yarn (with NO BREAKS) that I dyed over the weekend you'd think the ease of a knit picks sock blank would send me over the moon....and before winding it did!

now I confess....I dyed it twice. The first time I did pink, brown and aqua. the brown dissapeared leaving me with 1/3 blue, 1/4th pink, and the rest all i overdyed the fucker with burgundy and it came out gorgeous. the blue parts turned into a dark indigo, the pink into bright red and the gross into a deep burgundy. I was happy. during the dying process it didn't get tangled, was easy to turn over, a wiz to hang, everything was good. I didn't look at it in horor like I did the normal sock yarn hank.

then i started winding it. my colour was properly set and rich when it was in the blank but when I unwound it inside every loop was a white spot. Now, had I known this I would've dyed the whole thing aqua or some pastel colour...the white variance might've looked cool....but despite my efforts to like it I looked at the balls and realized I had made the worlds most patriotic yarn.

So I wound each ball into a hank and overdyed THAT purple and blue. Now it looks like I have 2 beautiful hanks of yarn and, happily, 2 different hanks. (400 yards of one thing is a lot for me because I don't need that much for 1 pair of socks) After 3 tries at dying I finally have a nice yarn but I don't think the hassel of dying it twice to get a good result (once knitted and once skeined) is really worth it. So if you want to use dark colours or don't want a white-mottled effect I would not reccomend the sock blanks. It was a good idea in theory......but in practice? not so much.

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Hi. I just found you through your Rosalie hat, which a friend of mine had favorited. Nice to see a knitter on LJ where it's easy to friend!

I had the same experience with the sock blanks, except I was trying to knit right from my dip-dyed blank (didn't skein it first). I ended up overdyeing the finished socks in the same burgundy dye, so the gradations of color are gone, but at least it doesn't look leprous anymore. It did surprise and please me that after two hot water dyes the yarn was in good shape, hadn't shrunk my sock, and was really really soft. Much nicer yarn than I expect from a KnitPicks price point, but in the future I'd just buy Stroll and skip the blank.

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