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recovering with ice cream
the shit i knit
so i had some cadaver bone grafted into my jaw.......yay.....hopefully this will improve my ability to have teeth in the future and not have my sinus be inside my mouth.

i do not recomend it. it was hog awful.

i do however like the recovery diet of ice cream and jello pudding pops. OH YEAH! I'll be paying for this for a while.

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Ouch, that sounds awful:(!! Oral surgery is never fun, but that sounds particularly gruesome. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better and enjoying delicious ice cream, though. When you can eat warm foods again, I recommend spinach souffle and mac & cheese. Nice and filling, and no chewing required.

i had some morningstar farms country scramble bites today. i microwaved them instead of making them crunchy and I did okay with them. monday my stitch n bitch is going to a middle eastern place! its like they knew i was having surgery and made it so i could have smoothies and blended goops....they was just a coincidence....but thats still rad :)

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