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nutella rolls
the shit i knit

nutella rolls
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I admit...80% of my cooking is what I like to call 'fake cooking' the end you get food, and it's cooked, but no real skills went into the production of the food. Such items of fakery include, grilled cheese, mac n cheese, lipton sides, soup, spagetti (with jar sauce), ramen, rice, frozen veg meals, pillsbury breads et cetera.

But i have to admit....this is so delicious it might almost be real cooking!

While I was suffering post zombie bone insertion I made some pillsbury biscuits. (I admit the shit was on sale and I had the coupons from 3 circulars so I stocked up) I would put cottage cheese on one half and nutella on the other...a lil healthy with my delicious. I ate some kind of cottage cheese on bread for pretty much every meal while I was in no chomping land as my 'main course' and nutella on bread as my dessert. The busciuts with nutella were the BEST!

remembering my buddy heather and her nutella cupcakes I thought...what if I put the nutella in when I'm baking it? That way I wouldn't have to mess around with it when I'm ready to eat! SO I checked with her (to see if her nutella cupcakes had the nutella in them from the get go...didn't want to scortch the nutella) and then I went to town! I spred a lil bit inside each cressent and then smushed them up on the sides so there was no leaking. it pretty much leaked a little but it was on top and just crusted on the goopy pan mess. I was going to fold them like wanton but I decided to live dangerously and do it this way. I baked them like normal otherwise.

and duh...they are delicious. I'm not sure if it counts as breakfast or dessert but I don't care....oh wait....who am I kidding it's 12:24...they're lunch!

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That is pretty much the best idea ever. Srsly.

they did not even make it 24 hrs in my house....they were delicious!

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