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not updated in like........forever.
the shit i knit
A month ago my father in law went into the hospital and unfortunatly passed away. :( obviously that sucked.

nothing much else has happened.

I finished my bed spread....sort of....I haven't finished weaving in the ends...because I haven't given it much of my attention :P

I bought a bunch of new glasses on the internet at 8 fugly/funky can I get for 8 bucks? We shall see.

I got myself a kindle and have been reading a lot. I wanted to see Twilight before I started the books (so having read the book wouldn't ruin the movie) but I'm glad I read the first book (okay and part of the second) before I saw it because they cut out most of the action plot from the film. They kept all the brooding romance (which I will not deny was quite nice....Pattinson was PERFECT as Edward) but they botched the plot so bad it barely made sense and I had to fill nathan in on the drive home. (thank god he said he 'kind of liked it'....I can drag him to the other films now without feeling bad) I really liked the book. I obviously *ADORED* the pride and prejudice paralles, obviously :P, and I read the entire thing in 3 days. (it's over 500 pages!) So yeah I *really* liked it. Book 2 is not quite as good but isn't that always the way it is with a series?

I accidently deleated my novel folder on my hard drive...and in anger I just said fuck it as far as nano was concerened and didn't even try...then my lap top broke and while backing up my stuff I saw I had saved that folder 2 weeks before I deleated it so I started again. I don't know why (perhaps because the shit is set in 1926 but I feel more creativly inclined to write it 'the old fashioned way'-pen to paper. Nathan and I were scouring the office stores the other day for the computer his friend is building him and I bitched and moaned about how neither staples nor officemax had a single fountain pen. the next day nathan spent 2 hours in the caves and reemerged with a cross fountain pen and a bottle of ink. At what point did he buy a fountain pen? Whatever...I thought that was really sweet :)

Other than my father in law I guess shit is going pretty well. I'm kind of in a funk though. I dunno....I'm at a very depressing part in the second twilight book and the shit I'm writting is sort of depressing right now too so I'm going to say that it's that.

Oh yeah...and I'm starting an interminably hard extemporaneous sweater, double breasted, in seed stitch, with applied icord trim. (gotta through in some slang for all my knittas)

That's all. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with lj at all recently. I'm this same name on twitter if anybody has that.


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