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trying to update more regularly and talk...
the shit i knit
...about things other than what movies I'm watching/books I'm reading/shit I'm knitting/dogs who are climbing on me...

but let's face it. I live in ohio. my life? not exactly exciting.

I have been up to something lately though. I didn't do nanowrimo this year. SURPRISE! I never finish it. I never even get *close*...but this year I had an excuse. My FIL died. So I challengd myself to do it in December...and I did. I had 50k words (which is their approximation) and above that by far by the end of the month.

The problem was? I wrote it out.....long notebooks...with a fountain pen. (the fountain pen is very important)

Anyways I *finally* finished typing it all yesterday. Now I get the fun task of EDITING! ARGH! This will probably take months...and then what do I do? Magically get it published?

Being the big Kindle fan that I am I've been thinking about releasing it on Kindle. I mean...if I don't charge anything for it there is a chance people will read it. That's sort of the point of writing. I mean it's wonderful to sit down and tell a story, and very self gratifing but I should do something more with it...namely SHARE. Oh well we'll see.

In knitting news I've been knitting my knitpal knarlyknitter's scarves lately and it inspired me to design one of my own. She wrote an argyle purling stitch pattern which is just so cute. I comboed a few stitches and I'm writing out a sort of peacock feather inspired pattern.

Of course I did knit and design a peacoat....but that's a whole different story and would take a much longer post. nudge me about it.


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