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yarn party!!!
the shit i knit

yarn party!!!
Originally uploaded by aqueoustransmegan
jen hosted a yarn dying party for our snb...

look at our beautiful yarnz!

what with twitter, facebook and all...
the shit i knit
I have really ignored my lj. sorry lj. I don't really have anything to say other than:

"today I tied my shoe"

and it's a total lie! I didn't tie my shoe because I wore flipflops :/ oh well!

the shit i knit

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Well i didn't get it out the next day like I planned (I spent a good hour freaking out over twiter) so I didn't make it to the post by a whole 9 minutes :( but it looks pretty good I think and it's going out tomorrow!

I did not like this pattern though. I think I might've liked it in EITHER the weird rib OR the stripe pattern....but together it just makes the stripes look wonky and the rib pattern obscured. It's an impressionist hat....looks good from far away but upclose you lose the big picture. And while it fits fine if I made one for me I'd do another repeat because it's a haircrusher!

I ended up using only 1 skein of lite lopi in navy and 1 skein of handdyed yarn from notwosoflakes (on etsy) in a taupe-aqua melange. Unfortnunatly the aqua pooled badly but it's still kinda cool :) I know my target is a girl but i like that it is gender neutral.....

there I go again with the teenage boy fashion sense :P

transformers......blowing up your internet
the shit i knit
a transformer blew today while i was playing wii. I knew it was a transformer because I heard it blow up but, considering the day, guess what conclusion I jumped to on my mat?


it was only several minutes later, after I managed to pick up a wireless signal on my computer, that I was convinced that terrorists were not attacking the outskirts of ohio.

while I was without power I took a candlight shower (the 2nd most enjoyable kind of shower there is) and took a nap with the dogs and then as soon as it came back on I went out to go run errands. I didn't want to leave the house until the power was back on in case it took a while and it flickered about on and off for a while. I know how much that would freak out the dogs and I didn't want to come home and find every single electronic device we own on and blasting.

when i got home it occured to me i had *hardly* logged in any internet time so I've sat here mindlessly surfing and hitting ravelry, facebook and twitter for the past 2 hrs. I feel like I'm in that episode of south park about not having the internet...i do appreciate it...but i also waste so much time doing nothing when I could be writing or knitting. I need to be more focused. maybe I need new glasses again?

also countdown...hdtv tomorrow!

even i can admit this is cute...
the shit i knit
my mom has this baby cockatiel. he's kinda cute now that his feathers have come in but I'm SO not a bird person...but this is seriously cute.

my mom's dogs like to eat the bird food he spits out of his cage. he knows this and was throwing it out for them. (he LOVES the dogs) so today my mom goes in there and he's handing the bird food pieces to her collie through the bars of his cage and the collie was gently taking them out of his beak.

omg...adorable....even I can say that. (NOT a bird person)

I have GOT to get a picture when I go there next time.

she of no tv...sort of...
the shit i knit
anyone who knows me remotely well knows I watch A LOT of tv. I turn it on when I wake up.....soemtimes it does not go off until bedtime. What can I say (other than I love tv?) but even if I am not watching it AT ALL I leave it on. I like the noise. If i go upstairs and listen to music I turn down the volume on the tv and keep it on....partially because when I turn off the tv the dogs think I am leaving and start being bad but partially because I just like the background noise. I do actually *watch* a lot though and I don't give a crap. I like tv.

Anyways back in 2004 we got dishnetwork and a dvr. We've been using the same dvr ever since and we use it EXTENSIVLY. Any show I watch, I tape it, watch something else for a few, and then watch it on dvr so I can skip the comercials. During the olympics we noticed that when it thought it was too full it was randomly deleating what was at the bottom of our tapped's not supposed to do that.....but we didn't really mind too much. It had also been burping a little when we watched programs but it wasn't that bad.

Then, thursday night, it died. I was about to watch tv and..........nothing. Weird error screen. I had to call up dishnetwork (OMG.... i hate their call center! luckily my question was complex enough to warrent a native english speaker) and while my reciever is SORT OF working now........I lost everything on my dvr. I lost all my olympics. I lost Michael Phelps :( I can sort of watch tv right now but the reciever unit is still crazy. it blitzes out on me and isn't taping properly. (ugh so I guess I have to watch the vmas live...booo!)

The upside is I've finally gotten off my ass and ordered hdtv. For as much tv as I watch, and considering I HAVE an hdtv you'd think I would've done this sooner but I didn't. I *tried* before the olympics but they couldn't get me an install date until after opening ceremonies and I didn't want to lose our recordings on the dvr (nathan was on nights during the 1st week so it would've meant he didn't get to see it at all :( ) in hindsight I should've....or I should've done it last year when I bought a big tv so I could've seen the olympics in true hd but whatever.

I will have it installed intime for the season premier of saturday night live. If you're thinking to yourself, self, I didn't think megi liked snl that much, you're right. I like it....but not so much that I normally would anticipate the premier like I have been doing for the past few weeks. Just google it. You'll see why I'm dripping with anticipation. it will sit on our new dvr list for years to come ;)

good idea...even better idea!
the shit i knit
good idea: bringing your computer upstairs and spending an surfing the internet in bed so that when you are ready for bed you don't have to then take another half hour getting the dogs ready for bed...just close the computer and sleep.

even better idea: bringing your computer upstairs and spending an hour surfing the internet for Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte pictures, starting a thread in ravelry chock FULL of that when you are ready for bed you don't have to then take another half hour getting the dogs ready for bed...just close the computer and sleep....dreaming that somehow you went to the olympics and were hanging out with the aforementioned gentlemen going skinny dipping and other various and sundry activities of vaguely sports related mayhem at the olympic village. BEST. DREAM. EVER.

headbandz....with pattern!
the shit i knit

Originally uploaded by aqueoustransmegan
i have been whipping these fuckers out lately. I don't know exactly how much yarn it takes but I know it is DEFINITELY under 50 yards and that is a VERY generous estimation. like a plum sized ball of yarn will do you fine. The beauty of this pattern is there is NO finishing! no weaving in ends!

worsted weight or sock yarn doubled over
size 8 circs

Cast on 60 sts with long tail cast on. Leave aprox 3 meters of tail. (you'll need this!)
rows 1-3 k1, p1 (seed stitch)
rows 4-8 even knit
rows 5-9 odd purl
rows 10-13 k1, p1 (seed sttich)
row 14 cast not break yarn!

side a
pick up the stitches along the vertical rows (14 sts)
row 1 k1, p1
row 2 k2tog, p2tog
row 3 knit the knits and purl the purls
row 4 k2tog, p2tog
row 5 knit the knits and purl the purls
row 6 k2tog, p20g
row 7 not break yarn!
with the tail and the last loop on the needle chain 74 slipping last stitch through. make a small knot beneath last stitch and cut yarn close to the knot.

side b
repeat side a only use the long tail you had left over to work with.

finished dimensions should be about 15" long (not including tails) and 2" wide.

teeshirt time
the shit i knit
hey guys my second fave teeshirt store threadless is having a big sale with all tees 12-9$! Why not take a look via this linky here....

if you buy from there i get street team points ;)

my first fave teeshirt store sharingmachine is back up and running! check it out! I got the angry kitty teeshirt, the gang sines, and another i hate voting teeshirt (my mom's collie ripped my first one :P) totally cute!

that is all....helping promote clothing above the waist for all.

I've started my own inside joke
the shit i knit
CLIPZ! clipz...that's my inside joke...and the spin off joke of clipz is tapez. yes, I have been watching the olympics nonstop.

ayways speaking of sports....

I JUST GOT MY FIGURE SKATING TICKETS!!!!!!!!! I will be at the nationals cheering on all my faves in the finals. Hopefully, seriously, hopefully I will no jinx everyone I like. It will be a sad sad year if Johnny Weir, Kimmy Miesner, and Belbin all top the podium and I had to witness! I'll pop an artery or something!

Yes, I will be knitting there. God....I will be there TWELVE HOURS one day. HELLO! what else could I possibly do during that time?


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